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Founded in 2016, by rap artist and music enthusiast, Jade Williams, EarHustle Entertainment is an artist development and project management company, aimed to serve as a refuge for originality, protecting and preserving the music made by the artists for the fans who love them.

Our primary objective is to discover, develop, produce and promote commercially successful recording artists and songwriters, creating music and projects for the entertainment of fans and music connoisseurs around the globe. With ever-evolving digital technology, our company strives to stay ahead of the trends. We are constantly searching for new or enhanced methods and platforms for distribution and consumption of music.

EarHustle employs and collaborates with the record industry’s most dedicated and hardworking business professionals. Every business decision, for any music released or product developed by Earhustle, is driven by the commitment to keep the label’s and its artists self-expression and authenticity at the forefront. It is our mission to

cultivate a nurturing environment for our artists, songwriters, collaborators and employees, ensuring that all ideas are heard and contribute to our overall success as a collective effort.



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