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A West Coast rapper and entrepreneur, with hypnotizing wit, paralleling his urban edge, this intellectual thug delivers street insights with slashing metaphors.


Jade Williams was born in Culver City, California and spent his early childhood being raised in Suga Free’s hometown, Pomona. During his pre-teen years, Jade’s father was shot during a robbery, while protecting his mother. This incident led to the family relocating to the overrun, gang-infested streets of South Los Angeles. Within a year, Jade’s parents split up. His father moved to the Bay area in Northern California, leaving him and his siblings to be raised by their mother, in a single-parent home. Like most highly impressionable youth, Jade became a product of his environment. Adapting to Los Angeles’ gang culture, becoming a member of the Rollin 60 Crips at the age of 14, Jade’s first taste of trouble came in his freshman year at Crenshaw High School. Getting kicked out for carrying an illegally concealed weapon, a 380 handgun, led to 30 days detention in Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall. As a result of not being able to return to Crenshaw, the following year Jade attended Westchester High School. Run-ins with rival gangs at Westchester increased his mother’s concern and triggered her to send him to live with his father in the Bay area, where he went to North Campus Continuation School. Wanting to graduate from Crenshaw, his home school, Jade’s mother allowed him to move back to Los Angeles to finish his senior year. 


Back in his element, before graduating high school, Jade became a teen father at the age of 17. After having his daughter, forced to quickly mature, Jade began to tap into his other interests. Growing up in the 90s era of music, Ice Cube, Tupac, E40, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Jay Z, Nas, Method Man, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, TI, and Outkast were some of his favorite artists. Jade’s interest in music turned into his desire to become a full-fledged rap artist. Staying true to his roots, he goes by his hood moniker and alter ego, Tall Cuzz (TC), aka William Best.


Inking his first deal at the age of 19, TC’s career started with independent record label, No Category Entertainment (NCE), under the mentorship of its Chief Executive Officer and Baltimore native rapper, Da Ster. New on the rap scene, as an up and coming artist, TC featured on The Comp, a mixtape released by NCE in the early 2000s. Following his tenure with NCE, TC teamed up with close friend, Sandman Negus, to start their own independent record label, Rebel Kings Entertainment. While studio hopping through Hollywood, this Crenshaw District duo met and began working with rapper, singer, producer and music engineer, Excel Beats. In collaboration with Excel Beats, the duo started recording a mixtape titled, Extras Vol. 1. Unfortunately, before finishing their mixtape, both TC and Sandman Negus were shot and hospitalized, putting their project on hold. The following year, with momentum rapidly building around Extras Vol.1, TC was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison.


While incarcerated, TC lost his father, his grandmother, and his close friend, Sandman Negus. The losses threw fuel on TC’s already burning desire to become a legendary rapper. He immersed himself in studies of Philosophy, English, History and various disciplines of Science to enhance his scope of content and his songwriting skills. After being released, determined to master the craft, TC enrolled in the Independent Artist Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Regaining his freedom and claiming his independence, TC started his own record label, becoming Chief Executive Officer and the first artist of EarHustle Entertainment.




The Prefix (collaborative album by Tall Cuzz and Da Ster) 

Misery (single by Bizzy Bone, featuring Tall Cuzz and Excel Beats)

Come and Get It (single by Excel Beats, featuring Tall Cuzz and Alexis Meneses)

Been A Goon (single by Tall Cuzz)

Home Going (single by Tall Cuzz, featuring Mad Gallica and Pastor Brown)

La Juda (single by Tall Cuzz, featuring Es Flame)

3130 Slauson Ave (solo album by Tall Cuzz)

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